Grievance Redressal



MOBILE: 93344 27311

 E-Mail- [email protected]

Regd Office : Durga Mandir Campus, M.E School Rd,

Naya Bazar, Jugsalai,

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831006

Note: Any Complain to the Grievance Redressal Officer must be lodged within seven days from the date of the news post. Complainant must specify his/her name with address and contact number. However, We do not accept unanimous complain.

              Disclosure of Grievance Details by the Publishers

                    (by the 10th of every month)

          Name of the Publisher: Sharp Bharat

          Website URL:

                         Information Disclosure Report for the month of SEPTEMBER 2021

Sl. No.                                   Grievances and actions takenNumber           
1. Grievances pending at the beginning of the monthNIL
2. Grievances received during the monthNIL
3.Grievances disposed out of (1) aboveNIL
4.Grievances disposed out of (2) aboveNIL
5.Grievances pending at the end of the month (1+2-3-4)NIL
6.                 Classification of grievances disposed
6(a)Grievances not related to Code of EthicsNIL
6(b)Grievances related to Code of Ethics:NIL
(i)    Agreed to by the publisher and action takenNIL
(ii)   Not agreed to by the publisherNIL
(iii)   Any other action takenNIL
7.Orders, directions and advisories received from Central Government and Self-regulatory Bodies
7(a)Number of Orders, directions and advisories receivedNIL
7(b)Orders, directions and advisories complied toNIL